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I married rather late in life. In my early twenties I was not very interested, and afterwards I simply had no clue.

At it so happened, I got lucky. Met the right girl at the right time and never looked back.

But as I look around, I can see many men who either are like me (clueless and waiting for luck) or who have one affair after another without permanent consequences or who marry and get burned.

Seems we -as a group- are not very good at finding women for life.

Now there are groups like MGTOW where some good discussions can be found about why this is so. But I don’t want to talk about that in this post.

I would rather talk about women.

How to find the right one.

Obviously I cannot say who is right for you.

But I have some ideas about women in general.

The first group separation I would want to make is feminist against non-feminist. As a man, you want to avoid feminists. Yes that is rather blunt, allow me to justify this.

Any man looking at a group of feminists will notice that the majority of them are not very pretty. Sorry ladies, but no alpha would deny that. I am pretty sure that the feminists themselves are fully aware. Why would they otherwise insist that the government hands them the goodies? I.e. why do they want preferential treatment from the government? Man and woman do not have equal rights. Women have much more rights than men. The days of the early feminists have come and gone.

Undeniably, there are pretty feminists. Should we give them a chance? Nope. A pretty feminist is probably not very ..ahem.. “giftet”. No pretty woman with brains has any need for feminism. And when they have succumbed to peer pressure and you still marry them, chances are that they will want a divorce sooner rather than later and leave you stuck with the bill. Alimony for life?

That leaves the non-feminist. Chances are that they are better looking anyway.

Nevertheless they still range from 0 to 10 on the beauty scale. You could go for 8+. But if your own SMV (Sexual Market Value) is not up to that, chances are you won’t be able to keep them. 6 to 8 is fair game. You will probably be able to lead a good and happy life with them.

There is this thing with girls… if they are (too) pretty, they will know it. The smart ones and the dumb ones. This is why your own SMV must be on par. Too low, and they’ll be gone one day. But the not so pretty girls are also aware of their SMV. And they know they have to compensate. In fact, this knowledge will sit so deep that they are not even aware of it. As a result, these girls have been trained from early life on that their “inner values” will have to make up for their missing SMV. You will find very sweet, very loyal, very caring people there.

Choose wisely.

Originally posted at: 2017-01-29
Last modified on: 2017-01-29