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365 posts about what?

Well, we’ll see… I do not have a plan, except for writing a total of 365 posts. Obviously they will be about subjects that are interesting to me. Other than that I make no promises.

I will say this: I do not claim expertise in any of these subjects, and I do not claim that everything written is correct. So you are on your own. If you take action —or stay inactive— because of anything I write, well the joke will be on you. You are the arbiter of what is written here. Use your own judgement, think critically, and do your own research.

Even though my writing style is often “matter of fact”, don’t be fooled. That is just my style.

365 refers to the number of days in a year. This has to do with the idea that each post will be revisited yearly and updated where necessary. Posts may even be replaced with new subjects if the new subject is more interesting. And of course several posts may be spent on the same subject, though I will try and ensure that the viewpoints or aspects will differ enough to be regarded separate posts.

For now, I have no idea if there are 365 interesting subjects. Maybe I will fall short of that goal. There is no list of subjects ready to write about. So this is very much a see-what-happens idea.

I am not big on profiling myself. Posts should stand on their own merit. See if they make sense to you, and create your own opinion. But it might be interesting to see in what category of people I fall. I would classify myself as a tinkerer with a penchant for new ideas. Professionally I am a software engineer with over 30 years of experience. It is impossible to write software for this long and not be affected by it. Logic is my bread and butter, and I instinctively try to apply it everywhere. Of course I may not get it exactly right, I may even fail completely. It is up to you to find that out.